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Benova Mouth Rinse System®

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Benova’s two-step mouth rinse system helps reduce redness and provide long-lasting relief from mouth sores. 

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About Our Two-Step Mouth Rinse

Step 1: Cleanse in Seconds

A variety of things can cause mouth sores:

Step 1 is a sodium chlorite solution that gently cleanses oral wounds. This effective solution rinses away a broad range of bacteria and yeast in 45 seconds, including:

  • S. mutans can develop into dental caries
  • E. coli can be dangerous to those who are immuno-compromised
  • C. albicans also known as oral thrush

Step 2: Immediate Relief

Using both steps ensures better results:

Step 2 was created to reduce soreness around mouth sores and other oral abrasions, while being gentle on sensitive mouth tissue.

Benova's natural ingredients, like Bromelain and licorice root, work together to soothe mouth tissue and provide relief within minutes.

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What makes Benova® different?

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