Improving People’s Lives

At Benova we care about people. Our product ideas are often initiated from family members, friends, or medical and dental personnel who are searching for solutions to health issues.

For example, the Benova Mouth Rinse System was initially created for a family member of one of the Benova founders. This family member had intense mouth pain from periodontal disease and mouth sores and was anticipating surgery, but was able to quickly resolve his issues with the Benova Mouth Rinse System and avoid surgery.

Our mission is to listen to people’s needs and create products that fill those needs.

Meet the Founders

Bill Kling


With degrees from Miami University (Ohio) and Northwestern University (MBA), Bill Kling started his career in advertising in Chicago on major consumer brands including Nestle and SC Johnson. Here, Bill got his first glimpse of the skin care business.

Eventually, Bill moved from Chicago to Dallas to start his own marketing consultancy. This professional pivot led Bill to a small Swiss company that made a niche heavy-duty skin moisturizer named Eutra. Bill acquired the North American rights to Eutra and founded a company in 1988.

He launched the brand EltaMD that gradually expanded to cover a broad range of dermatology products including sunscreens with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection combined with elegant aesthetics. In fact, he developed the best-selling product, EltaMD UV Clear so his wife would wear sunscreen on her face! This gradually transitioned Bill from marketing to product formulation, whereby he helped formulate nearly all the EltaMD products until he sold the company in 2012.

Kendell Dean


Kendell, a bioinnovation engineer, embarked on her illustrious career as a summer intern at Swiss American, EltaMD's parent company. Her passion and dedication in the lab led to rapid progression from intern to a leadership role, shaping countless products used globally. With a degree in biology and chemistry, Kendell solves meaningful problems, driven by a passion for enhancing lives.

Collaborating with Benova co-founder Bill Kling, she creates products inspired by real-life challenges faced by friends and family. Her drive to serve people undergirds the Benova company culture, where customer feedback and service is top priority.

Kendell is a wife and mom of two young boys who have grown up watching her steadfastly approach any challenge with poise and determination. Her zest for life is demonstrated through her love for horses, gardening, woodworking, and scuba diving. To Kendell, a proper balance between work and family mutually enhances the other.

  • Products made from ingredients that have purpose.

    When creating products, we focus on quality ingredients that have a functional purpose. Each ingredient we research and select has a job to do. You can feel confident knowing nothing is chosen just as a marketing gimmick or as a filler. If it isn’t necessary to the effectiveness of the product, it is not there.

  • Superior performance, safety, affordability, and availability.

    We want our products to deliver superior performance and to be affordable, easily available, and safe to use. With that in mind, we have our products tested by third-party companies for safety and efficacy. In addition, we work to keep our cost affordable and provide free shipping on all retail orders in the contiguous 48 states in the U.S.

What makes Benova® different?

We are a bioinnovation company that makes products to improve people’s lives. Our mission is to listen to people’s needs and create products that fill those needs.

  • Bioinnovation refers to the application of biological knowledge, principles, and processes to create innovative solutions for various challenges.
  • It involves using insights from nature, such as the functioning of cells, organisms, and ecosystems, to develop new technologies, products, or approaches in fields like personal care, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.
  • Bioinnovation harnesses the power of biology to 
inspire and drive advancements that can benefit society.


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