Innovative Web Solutions.
Nova.Net focuses on the development of innovative ideas for the web: solutions that will help today's world become more educated, efficient and productive. We either start projects from scratch or help other initiatives achieve their goals by integrating their systems to the web and vice-versa.
Nova.Net implements facebook's social networking system not only to socialize web applications, but also to increase the amount of information that can be shared and to allow greater accessibility of data.
With the increase of mobile device users (as this infographic shows), not only are mobile site versions of websites needed, but also mobile apps that can have a reliable and sustainable way to acquire and share knowledge.
The projects that Nova.Net takes on are fully developed in both english and spanish at native speaker levels to increase target audience and make the communication process more efficient.
We are very interested in designing clean, organized, and simple systems and interfaces, not for merely vane reasons, but because we care about an environment free of clutter and unnecessary information thus making the user interaction as efficient, productive, and cohesive as possible.